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Located in Sandgate Kent, the courses are held in a pretty Victorian cottage which was built in the 1850's.  We are a minute's walk from the beach and a short walk along wooded paths to Folkestone town centre, via the world-renowned Leas Promenade.

Folkestone Harbour - English Afternoon Tea course location

The tutor on the course is Carolyn Ann Lilly.  She holds a Master's Degree in the History of Medicine and Science, teaches English as a foreign language and has successfully run courses on English Afternoon Tea for over 20 years.

Carolyn has been fascinated by tea since visiting a tea plantation in her childhood and, over the years, has combined her passion for baking with ongoing research

into tea, the history of baking and tea in medicine.

Buying Rambutan - Sri Lanka - Carolyn Ann Lilly - English Afternoon Tea Course Tutor